Jason Bosco

Full Stack Web Developer ; Generalist

Scribble Joins the Ranks of Evernote and Springpad on the Chrome Web Store!

I was curious how people casually browsing through the Chrome web store would discover Scribble. And so I opened up the Chrome Web Store and browsed through the first few tile sets of apps on the home page. I didn’t find Scribble there. Oh well, I told myself, referals from news sitesblogs and other sites are our primary traffic source I guess.

Then I went to the Utilities section since we had posted Scribble under the Utilities category and there it was - Scribble featured right on top of the Utilties section with the biggest banner we had uploaded. There were three apps featured on the top in rotation:

  • Evernote - A major player in the note-taking app category
  • Springpad
  • and SCRIBBLE

So that’s how people find out about Scribble!