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Facebook Login With Only Email and Html7magic?

I happened to stumble on Carl’s Jr.’s Facebook page today and particularly on this post (for no particular reason, I should add): 


and I quickly noticed the login area on the top right. It only had an email field and a login button. (I was not signed into Facebook when I visited the page.) For a brief moment I thought Facebook had finally done away with the concept of passwords somehow!

So I clicked on the login button and it took to me the standard Facebook login page. Oh well, passwords are here to stay.

But here’s the question: why would Facebook do this? Why would they place only an email field on that page and not a password field? Isn’t it an extra step for users to click on the login button and then be directed to another page to enter their password?

And then I wondered if this was a CSS issue, and looked at the source code: 

And I was able to confirm that it wasn’t a CSS issue causing the password field to be hidden. There wasn’t any input field for a password on that page. 

And now I found something else that’s interesting. A class named “html7magic”. What am I to expect?! Is FB out there using HTML 7 secretely and somehow translating their HTML7 code to HTML5 to work with current browsers?!