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Jason Bosco

Full Stack Web Developer ; Generalist

Scribble App Reaches the 10,000 Users Milestone!

It’s been thrilling to watch our Scribble App grow through all these months. With a 4.58 user rating and 10,018 users as of today, Scribble has officially crossed the 10,000 users milestone. We were there on Day One when the Chrome Web Store opened its gates. In two days Scribble had 439 installs and showed up on the Featured section of the utilities category. The early mover advantage helped us get enough attention from the press. We were soon featured on TheNextWebMashable, Web.Appstorm and ChromeStory among others.

Meanwhile we ironed out minor bugs and were wide open to user comments and reactions. One feature that was most asked for was a way to access notes from multiple browsers. Being a browser-based note-taking app, it was only a matter of time that users needed a Sync feature to access their notes from multiple places. And thus the sync feature was born. Though the sync feature took a while to catch on, as of today we have 1655 registered sync users and we’re adding new users every day.

Thank you to all our users who helped make Scribble a success! We couldn’t have done it without you. Of course :) Also, thank you to all the people who sent in words of encouragement. You kept us going!