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Full Stack Web Developer ; Generalist

Job Posting for Building Pixza

And so I was looking at the analytics for Pixza. There was a referral from gamedev.net. I was curious to find out where Pixza was mentioned on gamedev.net. And I found this post: http://www.gamedev.net/classifieds/item/306-looking-for-html5-programmer/.

Someone wants to hire a person to build a game similar to Pixza! I wonder why he mentions that we didn’t respond to his attempts to get in touch with us.

I need someone to partner with for a small project that  should not take more than 1-2 weeks  (it might take longer idk)

- How about a year and a half in the midst of undergrad college work? 

Here’s wishing our dear friend all the best in his endaevor. May be, given the availability of platforms like node.js, socket.ioPusher and Meteor today, building Pixza from scratch might not take such a long time. We didn’t have these luxuries when we started working on Pixza. All we had was this Richard Jones’ article to start out with.