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Full Stack Web Developer ; Generalist

Facebook Utility Value


Working on assignment

Need to test code on nunki (USC server) 

Upload code


Spawn 10 background instances of the program to see if they work in all cases

Hmmm, only one instance spews out output. Whatever happened to my other instances.

ps aux | grep java

No more instances show up

But hey look there’s another user running a similar program, using the same package name

There’s someone else doing the assignment at this hour!

I wonder who it could be?

USC campus directory -> Search for user name (from ps output) -> Get full name 

Hmmm, do I know this guy?

Ctrl+T -> facebook.com

Search for full name

Hey look we have 5 mutual friends

Wonder how these guys know each other

Hey look he’s worked here here AND here!

What oh what would I have done without Facebook

Now where was I?

Oh snap, I’m writing this post. 

Back to my assignment.