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Facebook Email System Open to Spam?

I signed into my Facebook account and received a notification about “Claiming my facebook email address”. My facebook email address is <MyFBUserName>@facebook.com. I can’t change it to anything else. It defaults to my FB user name. So much for spam. Can’t I write a scraper that will google for common names (http://www.google.com/search?q=sam+facebook), get a list of FB user names and then tack @facebook.com and start sending spam? I hope there are good privacy mechanisms to prevent this. 

Also, I already notice a few annoying quirks with the UI. Among them: 

1. When I scroll a long conversation, the middle pane scrolls, which is quite awkward and quite unlike any other FB page.

2. When sending a message (email) to a regular email address, I cannot set the subject line. Instead it defaults to “Conversation with MY FULL NAME” on the receiving end.

I guess the UI issues will be ironed out over time, but I’m quite concerned about the spam issue. Has anyone already tried writing a scraper? Just curious! ;-)